Enderby Bowls Club


The committee and members welcome you to

 Enderby Bowls Club.

The game of Bowls is an exciting and skillful game encouraging comradeship, friendship and gives reward to the player from the enjoyment of individual play to the team involvement in competition.  Members of this club will try to ensure you enjoy bowling with us and invite you to join in our other activities.  In return we hope you will feel able to support your club as often as possible.

Club History

The club was started in 1937 by keen and dedicated villagers intent on creating a community amenity for the enjoyment of the local population, Since its formation, over the years, members have worked together to expand and develop this club so that today it has one of the best bowling surfaces and clubhouse facilities in the region.


Members elect a Management Committee to oversee the functions of the club, plan its activities and its future expansion and development. They are responsible for ensuring that the buildings and facilities are maintained and the bowling green kept in excellent condition and the surrounds neat and colourful. The club is also served by two Section Committees. The ladies and men have separate meetings to plan their particular bowling commitments during the season. A club Annual General Meeting is held in November when annual reports are submitted, committee members elected and a general discussion conducted where members may ask questions and voice any concerns or suggestions on the running of the club. Club Representatives to Bowls Leicestershire are also elected who will attend various inter-club meetings to discuss bowling matters .and keep up to date with information from the ruling body (Bowls England).


INSIDE   The Clubhouse has a lounge & games area, dance floor with stage and sound system and a licensed bar and restaurant area.  A modern well equipped kitchen enables the club to cater for all members and guests.

OUTSIDE   Club members look after the colourful flower beds and Steel fences  which provide shelter and privacy around the green.  A raised paved terrace surrounds the bowling green fitted with ample seating for spectators.  A separate store, handily situated, houses equipment necessary for the conduct of the game.


Bowling activities are divided into two sections, Ladies and Men, although there are some mixed matches.  Each section looks after its own bowling fixtures and team selection, but share the same green and bowling equipment.  

DRESS CODE  The standard of dress expected when members are on the Bowling Green is detailed in the Fixtures Handbook.

All games are open to members regardless of their playing ability.

TEAM BOWLING   Includes Interclub friendlies. League bowling, County trophy competitions, Internal competitions, Charity matches, Open Club Galas and special invitation matches.

INTERCLUB FRIENDLY MATCHES.  Men’s matches are played on Thursday and Saturday afternoons with a mixed game on a Sunday afternoon.  Ladies play friendly afternoon matches on various days during the week.

LEAGUE BOWLING & TROPHY COMPETITIONS.  This club has several teams entered in local leagues playing on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. The Ladies have two teams in the Ladies Friday afternoon Triple League.  

Both Ladies and Men enter teams in various League & County Competitions throughout the season.

REFRESHMENTS During most evening and afternoon matches refreshments will be provided.  The bar will be open after evening matches and it is customary to buy your opponent  a drink following the game.

INTERNAL CLUB COMPETITIONS  The club runs several open entry bowling competitions.  Entry forms are available early in the season and when completed should be returned with entry fee to the Competitions Secretary.

Chummy Mornings These mixed games held on Mondays at 10 a.m are popular, fostering camaraderie and fun and giving bowling practice with tuition to a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Roll-ups The bowling green is available to members on most days during the season after 10 a.m. Use the Rink Diary to book a rink first ensuring one is available.

Coaching The club has two qualified English Bowling Coaches, Geoff Pearce and George Sim. Their knowledge and experience is available on request. If you are having difficulties with your game, looking to develop your bowling skills, or just want a few tips, why not contact one of them?

Bowling Team Selection   

BOWLING TEAM SELECTION.  You are invited to play in all matches whatever your standard of play.

AVAILABILITY SHEETS.  These sheets give details of forthcoming matches and are posted in a display cabinet outside at the end of the Clubhouse.  You may sign up for any match you would like to play in.  When the team is selected, a list of bowlers and reserves is posted in a second outside cabinet.  If you are selected, please confirm you are able to play by “ticking” the box opposite your name.  At the same time, indicate if you are travelling to “away” matches in your own transport by writing “OT” (Own transport) in the box opposite your name.

UNABLE TO PLAY.  If, you find you cannot play advise the team captain immediately.


BOWLS CLUB SECURITY. Club premises are alarmed and the gate to the Green and doors of the Club House and Equipment Store are padlocked.  New members will be given the padlock code so they can access the Green and the Equipment Store. During the second year new members can  request a key to the Club House.

EQUIPMENT STORE.  The equipment needed to play the game is housed in this separate shed.  All equipment to be returned tidily after use.

LETTER RACK.  This is a pigeon hole rack situated inside the Club House outside the changing room.  The pigeon holes are lettered and members are advised to check their slot regularly for personal mail and notices.

RINK BOOKING DIARY  Kept under the Letter Rack. Used by members to pre-book rinks.

Members must check rink availability before making personal bowls game plans.   

MATCH AND COMPETITION JACKS.  Kept in a box under the Letter Rack.

MAPS OF BOWLING CLUB LOCATIONS. Kept under the Letter Rack.  This is a book of maps showing the detailed location of local Bowling Clubs.  These maps are not to be removed from Club premises.

MEMBERS CONTACT LIST.  Contains contact details of all members, type of membership and position they hold if on a committee.

NOTICE BOARDS. Inside the club house are several notice boards

displaying bowls related information, notices of social events and items of general interest.

NOTE   Members are asked to check these boards regularly to keep up-to-date with events.

VOUCHER SCHEME.  This is a scheme where participating members buy a card giving discount to the club on their purchases at certain supermarkets.  Members benefit by obtaining a percentage of this discount. 

GAMES, SOCIAL NIGHTS AND OTHER FUNCTIONS.  Wednesday night is games night with Crib, Snooker and Table Tennis.  Friday is Bingo night.  A “Bonus Ball” competition operates each week.

Saturday Evening entertainments, including a Quiz night, are organized about once a month during the winter.

ANNUAL DINNER & PRESENTATION NIGHT Once a year, the Club has a formal function when we all dress up and enjoy an evening meal followed by the presentation of competition trophies won during the year.

CLUB FIXTURE HANDBOOK   Contains this season’s bowling fixtures, important diary dates. the Club’s appointed officers, their jobs and the committees on which they serve, so members can contact the relevant person should they need help or information.  

Leicestershire Bowling Association Year Book & Diary: This year book contains details of affiliated clubs in Leicestershire & Rutland together with their officers and contact details. Also included oare details of competitions with rules and fixture dates.

DATA PROTECTION The club holds information such as names addresses and telephone number securely for the purpose of administration only.